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About us

Nile Arabian Co, ANCO owns and operates a fleet of high-quality land rigs ranging from highly mobile units capable of drilling extended-reach wells. We operate in a wide range of environments, including the extreme temperatures of the deserts of North Africa-Libya.
Company Plans for new contracts to increase drilling activities.

Develops Safety Procedures helping us deliver our vision of operating safely, and succeeding globally.

We are also innovating the software and hardware of our existing rigs to improve performance and deliver value through cost-efficient good construction. In addition, we offer the rental of high-quality drilling and production equipment, maintained and certified in accordance with recognized industry standard

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Our safety culture

In our Culture of Care, all employees are empowered to create the safety of work, supported by leaders who practice authentic two-way communications to create trust and care. Our Sustainability pillar illustrates the fundamental importance of sustainable business practices in maintaining our license to operate. It makes the business case for transforming ourselves to perform successfully in a carbon-neutral world while securing our sustainable future. With Innovation also supporting our safety culture, innovative enablers allow our frontline workers to improve communications and focus on the execution of tasks alongside creating the safety of workers.  

   Nile Arabian is committed to achieving safe, effective, trouble-free operations. We firmly believe that an incident and accident-free environment is possible 365 days a year in all our activities worldwide – working hard to #drivetozero incidents. We recognize that psychological safety and trust are essential to support a culture of care where all colleagues

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Environmental Stewardship                          

We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations through effective energy and resource management. We operate in accordance with our management systems and show respect for the environment in which we operate. Through training and site-specific planning, we ensure that all our people understand their responsibilities regarding areas such as energy usage and waste management.

Ecological Impact Management

Environmental objectives that support our Environmental Stewardship Policy are set out in the Group’s annual HSSE plan and reflected in the annual plans of each business unit and country. We have identified the environmental impacts of our activities and services for each of our sites. A life cycle perspective tracking materials from natural resources to end-of-life and disposal is taken into consideration were practical and applicable.

Reporting Environmental incidents    

may be unplanned spillages from primary containment – the receptacle in which a hazardous substance is contained during normal operation – or an unauthorized or unsafe release of materials.  Our central incident reporting system is thoroughly investigated. The most severe events are also discussed by an incident review panel.   

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